Corporate Coaching and Mentoring

Change management and wellbeing are my areas of expertise, as well as my passion.  Over the years, I have adopted a unique holistic approach to each and every change project and company environment I have worked in.  

With a cross-industry background, I’ve worked in public sector, insurance, FMCG, law, banking, education, pharmaceutical, retail, gas and oil to name a few.  I’ve been able to quickly establish and develop a successful change approach that has benefitted both the company and it’s employees.  This has ranged from HR and IT transformations, which have shaped the business moving forward.  Along the way I’ve learnt many techniques to support people’s wellbeing throughout any change in their work and personal life, this is reflected in my coaching and training today.

With my expertise I now help companies develop their people to lead change internally through a variety of coaching programmes.  Along with, supporting companies to promote wellbeing in the workplace with my successful techniques to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

These services include:-

  • Change management coaching & mentoring programmes
  • Wellbeing workshops
  • Career development coaching
  • Motivational speaking – Team building events

For more information on how I can help you make a difference in your company, please contact me on 01476 550576 to discuss.


My mission is to help educate and support companies on the benefit of looking after their employees, who in turn look after their business.  When change and wellbeing are done right, everyone is a winner”