Do you…

  • Feel like your sell your soul to a job you hate every single day?
  • Constantly feel stressed with work?
  • Lack direction and don’t really know who you are or where you are going in your work life?
  • Have that Monday morning feeling every single day?
  • Struggle to make changes in your life happen?
  • Want to do a job or career that you enjoy as well as get paid to do?

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I hang out there regularly with juicy tips and powerful techniques that I don’t share anywhere else!

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I had been working in the teaching profession for over 12 years, I was very unhappy spending the majority of my time doing a job that I wasn’t enjoying. I came across Josie and her fabulous “launch your dream life” programme, which has completely turned my life around for the better. Josie has a way of helping people understand who they really are and brings this to the surface. I am now almost about to complete my first year at uni as a student Physiotherapist, which is something I’ve always wanted to do, but was too scared to take the leap. Josie helped me work through this and I love getting out of bed each day knowing that I am doing something with my life that I truly want!
Debbie Wiegand

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Taking questions on The Life Change Club

Taking questions on The Life Change Club

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Uncaged: Badass Interview

Uncaged: Badass Interview

Just over a year ago, a dear friend of mine, Michelle Catanach, who was in fact an old work colleague asked me to be part of an idea she had to help women and young girls have a voice. For hundreds of years, women have been treated less than, not just…

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