Do you…

  • Feel like your sell your soul to a job you hate every single day?
  • Constantly feel stressed with work?
  • Lack direction and don’t really know who you are or where you are going in your work life?
  • Have that Monday morning feeling every single day?
  • Struggle to make changes in your life happen?
  • Want to do a job or career that you enjoy as well as get paid to do?

If you’re ready to make changes in your life and enjoy a balance in all areas of your world, check out the Work With Me page for more info.


Join my Feel Good Tribe!

I have a community group on Facebook called the ‘Feel Good Tribe’.

It’s a fun group with lots of helpful hints, ideas and tips to keep you uplifted, positive and feeling great!

Focusing on a number of wellbeing topics for the mind, body and soul including coaching, nutrition, mindfulness, stress awareness and manifesting the life you want!

I hang out there regularly with juicy tips and powerful techniques that I don’t share anywhere else!

It’s completely free to join, simply click the button below and hit ‘Join’ when you reach Facebook – look forward to seeing you over there!



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Josie helped me to look at where I wanted my life to be. Through Josie’s help and coaching techniques, I was able to close the gap with both comfort and ease. Strongly recommend Josie!!
Katy Hemmings

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Powerful mantra to shift your worries

Powerful mantra to shift your worries

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