About me

Welcome!  I’m Josie Copsey, a Life Change Expert, Author and Mentor. 

I’m here to serve.

Super passionate about showing women how to live a life doing a job they love and pretty much on a mission to spread joy wherever I go! 

I believe that you can have it all; a job you love, a work life balance that is perfect for you and an opportunity to make a wonderful experience of the best gift of all, LIFE.

Having been on a journey of personal transformation myself 6 years ago, I focus on guiding and being a support for women so that they can discover where they want to be in their own life, and show them how to make changes in their own work-life, so that they can do the job they were made for and enjoy living their life.  My own “wake up” experience is a huge foundation of the work I do with my clients today – so all tried and tested with successful results!

The origin of Aeracura Life Coaching, came from the goddess Aeracura (pronounced air-uh-cure-uh) she helps us to put our goals and challenges into perspective, so that we don’t stress ourselves.  I felt an instant connection with her and so Aeracura Life Coaching was born!

Here are 5 things about me…

  1. I love being out in nature
  2. I firmly believe that everyday is a “school day” we are always evolving and developing.
  3. I adore reading self help and information books (of the hardback variety!) with a nice cup of tea
  4. I’m also known to be partial to an afternoon tea and I easily cave when carrot cake or coffee and walnut cake is offered!
  5. My favourite flowers are peonies and daffodils

Based in the beautiful county of Suffolk in the UK, my work and business is online with clients all across the globe.  Now and again I venture out and travel across the UK speaking at events and supporting corporate businesses.

Professional Biography

Co-author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller – Uncaged: The Rise of the Badass, Having escaped the corporate rat-race, Josie has spent the last two decades helping thousands of women to transform both personally and professionally in their work and personal life.

With an ever-growing client list, Josie’s transformational and personal development expertise, combined with her first hand experience of professional bullying in the corporate world has helped thousands of women to evolve and flourish.  Josie’s proven life-changing techniques have allowed her clients to successfully change their job, transition to a completely different career and improve their work life balance, so neither their career or personal life is compromised.

A blogger for Psychologies Life Labs, Josie shares her experiences of working in the corporate world and the importance of remaining authentic in your work life.

Josie’s coaching style is unique in that she combines both training and mentoring support for her clients.  Josie’s clients receive various successful techniques that they can apply in their own life, along with encouragement and guidance that always result in happy clients who transform their lives!

Check out my blog over at Psychologies Life Labs

Live on stage at the London Excel talking about how to take the leap to live a life you love.

Celebrating becoming a #1 Amazon Bestseller with our incredible book – Uncaged: The Rise of the Badass released on International Women’s Day March 8th 2018

Looking for help?

Check out my ‘Work with Me’ page where you will find lots of exciting new courses and services to help you make positive changes happen in your life.

“In just two words, Josie made me see the various ways I’ve been self-harming throughout my life which has acted as a block for me moving forward in my business. That moment was slap-in-the-face powerful! I now have the clarity and awareness to bust through any blocks when they crop up and propel myself forward.”