About me

Welcome!  Let me introduce myself, I’m Josie Copsey, a Life Change Expert, Author and Mentor.  Super passionate about helping women to live a life they love and I’m on a mission to spread joy wherever I go!  I believe that you can have it all; a job you love, a work life balance that is perfect for you and to have a wonderful experience of this amazing gift we’ve been given called life.

I help women to fall back in love with their work, by learning to explore their career dreams and understand techniques they can apply in their daily life to help them feel valued whilst enjoying a fantastic work life balance.  It’s what I’m living each and every day.

Previous to this happier life, I spent 17 years working in the corporate world where I helped large companies like Unilever, Royal Bank of Scotland, Herbert Smith Freehills and Pearson, to develop their people and support the business with huge change and transformational projects that shaped their growing business.

Having been on a journey of personal transformation myself 5 years ago, I focus on helping people to discover where they want to be in their own life and take them on a journey to make changes to love their work life.  My own “wake up” experience is a huge foundation of the work I do with my clients today – so all tried and tested with successful results!

The origin of Aeracura Life Coaching, came from the goddess Aeracura (pronounced air-uh-cure-uh) she helps us to put our goals and challenges into perspective, so that we don’t stress ourselves.  I felt an instant connection with her and so Aeracura Life Coaching was born!

Here are 5 things about me…

  1. I love being out in nature
  2. I firmly believe that everyday is a “school day” we are always evolving and developing.
  3. I adore reading self help and information books (of the hardback variety!) with a nice cup of tea.
  4. I’m also known to be partial to an afternoon tea and I easily cave when carrot cake or coffee and walnut cake is offered!
  5. My favourite flowers are peonies and daffodils

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

“Each person is unique and we all have a purpose in life, as individuals we all bring our special gifts to the world. My purpose is to help people discover their career path, find out who they truly are and make it happen – life is a precious gift, let’s make it count!”